Announcement on the Upcoming Christmas Gala

Christmas is just around the corner, and with the success of the Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for Homeless (TJACH) lately, we are very excited to have our Christmas Gala this year. We are celebrating not one, not two, but three events on this day, and everybody is invited!

What are we celebrating?

One, the upcoming Christmas season. Two, the job well done for this year. We reached the culmination of every project we set for this year, so a big hurrah for us! We are thankful for our sponsors and friends who continuously shed sweat and blood just so we could finish strongly this year. Indeed, they left no stone unturned to finish with flying colors.

What more, we have already started our plan for the coming year. We are already on the planning stage of how we’d be able to top our success for this year. We are on the process of creating projects that would significantly impact the community. We are already talking with our partner organizations about so many opportunities for the incoming year. So don’t miss it!

The third big even we are celebrating is the opening of our largest homeless shelter yet. This has the complete facilities to make the life of anyone convenient and hassle-free. Plus, there are even learning rooms where training for different industries could be done. There is also a huge library that contains a gazillion books donated by our sponsors. We are planning to add some recreational areas soon for the children to enjoy.

If that’s not enough, because of the success this year brought to us, we are giving back to the community through our gala. We are going to have raffle draws where everyone has a chance to win.

Check our our bulletin for the schedule and venue. See you there.

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