The Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for Homeless (TJACH) is the first to admit that our success is attributed to those additional hands we get when we need it the most. We are just human, and not everything could be done by just us alone. We can do it, but with the added help, our work gets finished easier and faster.

Every year, individuals volunteer to be a part of TJACH. They do everything with us with the goal of helping homeless people find a shelter. We are even proud to say that these volunteers are estimated to lend us over 900 hours of their time on a monthly basis! Wew!

If you think you are among this people who love to share a bit of their time by helping uphold the mission and goals of this organization, the we love to hear from you. We need additional volunteers for the shelter, and we love to count you in. Volunteers would get to have free food and vouchers on the process.

The volunteer work would cover the following:

  1. Help prepare meals for the shelter
  2. Read stories to the shelter children during recreational time, and play with them
  3. Help staff at the welcome desk
  4. Help newly installed homeless individual integrate with the culture of the shelter
  5. Provide guests the assistance needed to go around the shelter smoothly
  6. Help with the manning of the library and other areas
  7. Help mediate the children


Do you have anything you want to donate? We accept anything in cash and in kind. You can drop off any donations you have at our headquarters or we could have someone pick it up from your doorsteps.

For cash donations, email us today to know to reach us. We are grateful for your big heart!

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