The Haven at First and Market Organization is under the management of The Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homelessness. This group specially aims to reduce homelessness by providing interventions and long-time solutions while at the same time coordinating with people in the position and other organization to acquire the needed services and resources.

It was in 1998 that this coalition has been founded due to the growing homelessness in the region. Since then, it has already helped hundreds and thousands of individuals who have been roaming day and night a nice place to reside. This coalition also managed to significantly lower the increasing number of population considered as homeless into a manageable number which also prevented the risked of them not being able to meet their most basic needs.

Through a number of different organizations, they have successfully built shelters that could be temporary homes, and provide a means for livelihood that would help them sustain a more stable life. Some even got absorbed to be a part of a business that would give them another hope for the future. Through the generous sponsors that time and time again have expressed their utmost support in cash and in kind, and even through their charitable fund-raisers, TJACH have also managed to provide children scholarships that would not land them on the streets. The most basic education was covered until the secondary level, sometimes even extending to being sent off to a chosen colleges and university depending on the skills exhibited. This created a more sturdy foundation that enabled them to provide a roof not only over their heads but their families as well.

We are proud to say that this organization has already achieved a lot since its founding in the 90’s. Our volunteers have increased significantly which equates to more help to homeless individuals. And we are still growing.

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